Brochures allow you to showcase your brand and your services in a beautifully designed file, making both you and your potential client happier campers in the process. And why should your computer have all the fun with these files? You can also send any of your Brochure Templates to your clients through HoneyBook's iOS or Android apps!

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, you are only able to send existing Brochure Templates, as well as recently sent or drafted Brochures, through the app. Creating Brochures from scratch is not yet available in the apps, and Templates themselves will still need to be created and edited via desktop!

iOS & Android: Sending a Brochure

1.  Find or create the Project that requires a Brochure, as Brochures need to be associated with an existing Project.

  • Find a Project: search via the search icon at the top of your app's Home screen (Pipeline view), or locate the Project from the Project List in your Pipeline.
  • Create a Project: learn how here.

2.  Once in the Project, you can tap Send File or Message from the Details or Files tabs, or tap the message box in the Activity tab. This will open the email editor.

3.  Tap the Attach (paper clip) icon.

4.  Select Brochure.

5.  Tap to choose the drafted Brochure, recently-sent Brochure, or Brochure Template you'd like to send.

At the moment, you are only able to send Brochures that have been drafted on desktop, existing Brochure Templates, or recently sent Brochures through the app. Templates will still need to be created and edited via desktop–here's how to do that!

6.  Once you've selected the Brochure you'll be starting with, you can edit the settings of the Brochure by tapping the 3-dot icon. From there, you can update the name of the file, and select whether you'd like your client to be able to submit questions/comments. If you make any changes, make sure to tap Save when you're finished!

HoneyBook Tip: You can also preview how your client will see the file by tapping View as Client.

7.  When you're ready, tap Attach.

8.  Enter the email message that will accompany your Brochure, or tap the Templates dropdown at the top of the screen to choose from any email Templates you've already added to your account.

9.  Tap Send when you're ready! HoneyBook will send the email and Brochure right to your client.

When your client receives the file and makes their selections (if applicable), they’ll be able to click Submit

Once they submit, you'll receive a notification in your Notification Center, as a push notification (if you have the app downloaded, and push notifications turned on), and within the Activity Feed of the Project. You can review their selections through the Brochure file itself, and HoneyBook will also automatically draft—but not send!—a Proposal based on their choices. Here's more on reviewing the Brochure selections your client made.

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