Instead of taking the time to create a Brochure from scratch for every new Project, simply save a Template (or a few different ones!). Then, when you start a new Project, you can select your Template of choice with just a few clicks and customize as necessary.

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In this article, we'll review:

The elements of Brochures

Your Brochures are made up of Sections, and each Section is made up of Blocks.

Sections create the basic skeleton of your Brochure, allowing you to easily build and tailor the content within the file. 

Blocks make up the actual substance of your Brochure. They can be Content Blocks — which can include images, text, or combinations in various formats; Question Blocks, used to collect information from your client; or Services Blocks, used to list your products or services and their prices. 

  • Text content in Blocks can be formatted with standard options such as font, size, color, alignment, etc. by highlighting the text and making edits.

  • Questions can be Suggested questions, which will pull information directly into your Project details, or Custom questions.

Starting a Brochure Template

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, click the Tools menu.

2.  Select Templates from the menu.

3. Select Brochures from the list of Template options on the left side of the screen.

4. Here, you’ll see any Templates you’ve already created, as well as example Templates we’ve provided. You can choose to work off of any of these, or start from scratch by clicking Create New.

  • HoneyBook Tip: Looking for a specific Template to edit? Toggle to see your Templates in a grid or a list arrangement for easy viewing; then, sort any view alphabetically, or by date created!

5.  Now, you can create or adjust your Template by adding Content Blocks, Services Blocks, or as many additional Sections as you need.

Adding Content Blocks 

1.  Select the formatting for the Block you’d like to add — text, image, or a combination.

2.  Then, you’ll be prompted to select your image and/or enter your text, based on the Block type you’ve selected.

  • Image content can be uploaded on the fly, or selected from your Library of previously-uploaded images.

  • Text content can be formatted with standard options such as font, size, color, alignment, etc. by highlighting the text in question and making your edits.

HoneyBook Tip: For single-column images, ideal sizing is 320 x 220 px. For full-width images, just find a nice high-res image!

3.  You can update the background color of the Block by hovering over the Block and clicking the pencil icon.

4.  To continue adding Blocks to the Section, hover over the Block and click the Plus (+) button that appears at the bottom.

  • HoneyBook Tip: You can rearrange the order of your Blocks by hovering over a Block, and using the 6-dot icon on the left to drag and drop. You can also delete a Block by hovering over a Block and clicking the trash can icon on the right.

Adding Question Blocks

When adding Question Blocks to your Brochure, your questions can either be Suggested questions or Custom questions. 

Suggested questions are those that HoneyBook recommends gathering answers for, such as your client’s name and contact info, their project type and date, etc. Adding Suggested questions ensures that answers will automatically populate into the Project Details fields of the Project.

Custom questions are just that — yours to customize! You can request any information within the question formats we provide, and the answers will be tracked in the Brochure file that is submitted. Answers to Custom questions will not automatically populate in any Project Details fields, however. 

You’ll have the option of adding questions in the following formats:

  • Short text: short answer

  • Long text: longer text answer

  • Dropdown: a dropdown menu with your predetermined answer options

  • Single choice: a list of your predetermined answer options, allowing for one selection

  • Multiple choice: a list of your predetermined answer options, allowing for multiple selections

  • Date picker: a calendar pop-out, allowing a date selection

To add your Question Block:

1.  Click the Questions tab from the Block selector.

2.  Select your question type! Remember, you can choose the Custom or Suggested tab for different question types.

PLEASE NOTE: If you've selected the two fields question format, you can click the Gear icon to select the individual question formats for each field.

3.  Enter the text of your question, and if necessary, the answer options (as in drop-down menu questions, multiple choice questions, etc.)

  • HoneyBook Tip: Click the gear icon that appears when you hover over a question to toggle whether or not the question is required.

4. To continue adding questions, hover over an existing question again and click the Plus (+) button that appears. Each question is considered its own Block, and you can add questions to any Section. Repeat as necessary!

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve designated any questions as required, your client will not be able to submit the Brochure until the question has been answered.

Adding Services Blocks

1.  Click the Services tab from the Block selector.

2.  Click Add New Item to start selecting services. You can:

  • Select a Package Template, if you've created some (if not, here's how!)

  • Choose a recently used Item

  • Add a new Item by typing in an Item name, then clicking the Add (+) button

PLEASE NOTE: If you create any new items or edit pricing packages within the Brochure, these will not save to your item bank or Package Templates for future use. If you want your Package Templates to save, be sure to create them in the Templates section before building your files!

3.  You can edit the details for each Item or Package, if necessary, by clicking on the field you'd like to update: name, quantity, price, tax rate, etc.

  • HoneyBook Tip: You can always rearrange the order of items, or remove items or packages: the 6-dot icon that appears on the left side of the Item indicates a drag-and-drop, and the trash can icon allows you to delete!

4.  Choose how you'd like your client to interact with these services by hovering over the Block you'd like to adjust the settings for, then clicking the Gear icon. The available client selection options are:

Allow clients to select items

  • Toggling OFF (gray) will ensure client cannot click to select a package or item. 

Best used if multiple selections are not available, the item/package listed is required, or you're just looking for a less interactive Brochure experience for your client.

  • Toggling ON (blue) will allow a client to choose the item/package they're interested in. It will also enable additional options, detailed below. 

If you'd like your client to only select ONE item/package from this Block of services, toggle this option ON, and leave Allow More Than One Selection unchecked.

Allow more than one selection

  • Allows your client to select as many options as they'd like from the items/packages within this Block.

At least one selection required

  • Requires client to make at least one selection before they are able to submit the Brochure. 

  • If Allow More Than One Selection (above) is unchecked (off), the client will be required to make only one selection. 

  • If Allow More Than One Selection is checked (on), the client will be required to select at least one option, but can select multiple if they'd like.

Allow clients to choose quantity

  • Toggle on to allow clients to select how many of an item or service they'd like.

Adding a new Section

1.  Click the Add Section button. 

2.  Click the title field of the new Section to name it.

  • HoneyBook Tip: You can move Sections around by hovering over the Section in the Section List, and using the 6-dot icon to drag and drop. You can also delete a Section by hovering over it and clicking the trash can icon.

3.  Build the Section out with the Blocks you need, per the instructions above!

All changes will save automatically, so you're good to go whenever you're finished with your edits — and you can now use your Template whenever you're sending a Brochure!

Using Brochure Templates to build exactly what you need

You can easily use a Brochure Template to showcase your brand (Content Blocks make it easy to add brand imagery, full PDFs, text to tell your story, and more), or create an pricing guide by including Services Blocks. But Brochures are so flexible that you can go even further!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

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