If you need to disable your client's access to a file, but are not able to (or don't want to) delete it entirely, you can simply expire the file manually. This ensures that your client will no longer be able to take action on the file (though they can still view it), while still allowing you access to it if you need!

PLEASE NOTE: When you expire an Invoice or Proposal, your clients will not be charged for any future payments or get any further payment reminders for that file.

To expire a file:

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, navigate to the Project in which you'll be expiring a file.

  • You can search for a specific Project via the search icon, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of Projects.

2.  Select the Files tab and find the file you'll be expiring.

3.  Click the 3-dot icon in the bottom right of the file card.

4.  Select Mark as Expired.

Change your mind? No problem. You can reverse the expiration by following the same process you used to expire, but clicking Unexpire instead.

PLEASE NOTE: Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals can also be expired via mobile app; Brochures must be expired via desktop.

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