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Understanding and using smart templates

How to find, create, save, and use templates of your smart files

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Smart templates are the pre-saved, template versions of your smart files. There are a number of different smart template types, such as non-booking smart templates to gather and share details (questionnaires and services) and booking smart templates to collect signatures and get paid (contracts and invoices).

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You can also create email templates, lead form templates, and more.

When you create smart templates, you save yourself time and you streamline your workflow. Anytime you need to share a file with a client, you can start with a template, make any project-specific edits, then quickly send it out.

Finding smart templates

To locate your smart templates, simply navigate to Tools > My Templates.

From your templates section, you can:

Creating & saving smart templates

There are two ways to create and save smart templates:

To create a new smart template:

1. Navigate to Tools > My Templates.

2. Click Create New, then select a smart file type.

From here, you can create smart templates that contain any combination of the following blocks:

When you work on a smart template in the template builder, your work will save automatically.

📚 Tip

Remember to give your smart template a name by typing into the name field to the top left of your screen.

To save an existing file as a smart template:

If you’ve created a file in a project but now want to save it as a smart template for future use, that’s no problem! Here’s how to save an existing file as a template:

1. First, locate the project that contains the file in question.

  • You can search via the search icon to the top left of your screen, OR click the Projects tab to review your full list of projects (the project pipeline) and click to open.

2. From within the project, click the Files tab.

3. Locate the file and click to open.

4. Click the three dot icon to the top right of your screen, then Save as template.

Depending on the status of your file, you’ll see one of two views:

5. Name the template, then click Save!

Your file will now be saved to your templates and you can easily share it through other projects.

Using smart templates

You can use your smart file templates in any project with just a few clicks. No need to start a file from scratch with each new project—you can edit if necessary or just share as is.

To share a smart template from within a project:

1. First, find or create a project.

2. In the project workspace, click the Create New button > select the corresponding smart file type.

3. Locate the template in question and click to open.

The template will open in the smart file builder, where you can make any project-specific edits without impacting the original template. When you’re ready, you can share the file with the project participants via email or direct link!

Or, to share a smart template right from the template builder:

Just follow the steps here!

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