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Navigating and understanding the contents of your home page dashboard

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Your HoneyBook home page is where you’ll be dropped when you log into HoneyBook, and it’s meant to give you a quick overview of what’s going on in your account that day.

Each section of your home page—Projects, Calendar, Tasks, Payments, and Reports—will provide shortcuts to recent activity that you might want to take a look at, such as new inquiries in your pipeline, projects with new activity (like a signature added or a payment made), or things going on in your calendar and task list.

In this article, we'll review:

Navigating your home page

In addition to the activity shortcuts in your home page tiles (which we'll review below), you’ll also notice a few other icons and menus—here’s what’s available!

Search icon: Top left corner. Search for projects, files, or contacts.

Projects tab: Top navigation bar. Brings you to your full list of projects in the context of your project pipeline.

Contacts tab: Top navigation bar. Opens this list in which all your contacts are added and stored.

Tools tab: Top navigation bar. Allows you to access a multitude of tools, including:

  • Templates

  • Bookkeeping

  • Calendar

  • Scheduler

  • Reports

  • Tasks

  • Contact Form

  • Image & file library

  • Automations

  • Batch emails

Plus (+) new icon: Top right corner. Allows you to quickly create a new project, client, file, or meeting.

Gift icon: Top right corner. Offers easy access to your referral code and earnings dashboard.

Bell icon: Top right corner. Allows you to adjust your notification settings and review any notification activity.

Profile picture/avatar: Top right corner. Allows access to your personal account settings, company settings, and any additional companies you’ve created under the umbrella of your main account.

Question Mark (?) icon: Your gateway to assistance! You can find links to HoneyBook product webinars (live and recorded) and our main Help Center, as well as the Message Us option to chat with our support team directly.

The projects tile of your home page

The projects tile of your home page has two sections: new inquiries, and projects with new activity.

New inquiries shows you exactly that: any projects that are currently in the inquiry stage of your project pipeline. This will reflect any new inquiries that have come in via your contact form, as well as any you've created yourself. Clicking a project title in this tile will take you right to that project's workspace.

When a project moves out of inquiry status and into another pipeline stage, that project will no longer be visible in this home page tile—but you can still find it in your pipeline!

Projects with new activity will display the most recent projects in which a contract has been signed or a payment has been made. Clicking the project titles here will open the file in which the changes were made.

The calendar tile of your home page

This tile provides an overview of your schedule today (anything scheduled in the current calendar day) and this week (anything occurring between the current calendar day and the upcoming Sunday). This includes meetings you've scheduled in your HoneyBook Calendar, meetings for any calendars you've integrated (such as your Google Calendar), and any team members' meetings.

Clicking the Scheduled Events Today shortcut will open the day view of your calendar, while clicking Scheduled Events This Week will open the week view.

The tasks tile of your home page

This tile provides an overview of the tasks you have due today and in total.

Clicking Tasks Due Today will open your task list for the day, while clicking Total Tasks will open your full list.

The payments widget of your home page

The payments widget on your home page gives you a clear overview of your expected payments for the current month, as well as the status of each payment—whether it's paid, processing, upcoming, or overdue. From here, you can also easily access your Bookkeeping tab.

The reports tile of your home page

This tile provides an overview of your bookings.

The Value of bookings this year displays the total value of booked projects for the current calendar year. A project is considered "booked" if a retainer has been paid on an invoice. The reports tile tallies the total value of files in this booked state. The number includes both paid and unpaid payments from these files, as well as payments from files that were booked, but then expired.

The Top lead source displays the source from which you've received the highest number of project leads for this calendar year. Remember that you can always customize your lead sources!

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Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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