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Your HoneyBook home page

Navigating and understanding the contents of your home page dashboard

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As you make your way down the home page, you’ll have the different sections keeping you up-to-date with the latest info. Your newest leads, latest messages, most recent project activity, and more can all be accessed from your home page.

This page also holds shortcuts to the parts and activities of your account that you’ll likely use the most, like building invoices and contracts, scheduling meetings, and setting up lead forms.

📣 Note

At the moment, the information on and display of your home page cannot be adjusted.


The first bar you’ll see once you complete your account setup checklist holds an overview of your most important business items. Within this section, you can view:

  • How many new leads you haven’t yet replied to that came in from contact forms, lead forms, and manually created projects

    • Leads that came in for archived projects will not appear

  • The amount of unread messages from your projects

  • A count of the tasks assigned to you

  • Your total yearly bookings sums up the invoice amounts from your projects that were booked in 2024.

    • This amount includes taxed amounts, is after any discounts are applied, does not include tips, and is before transaction fee and loan repayment deductions

New leads

Your New leads section holds all the leads you haven’t yet responded to that came in from a contact form or were manually added to a project. These can come from lead forms, contact forms, or can be manually created from a project you’ve started on. Once you send the lead a message, archive the lead, or an automation rule responds to the lead, they’ll leave this collection.

Select a new lead to open up the activity feed of the project workspace for that lead. You can also quickly create a new lead form by selecting + Lead form near the top of the section. To see all your new leads, select Show more > at the bottom of the section.


Your Calendar section contains your upcoming project and calendar events (like scheduled meetings) including integrated calendars. Only meetings from your calendar and projects you’re a participant in will appear here (and won’t contain, for example, any team member’s meetings).

Select a meeting to open up your calendar and view the session’s details. You can also create a new meeting by selecting + Meeting near the top of the section. If you want to see your whole calendar, select Go to calendar > at the bottom of the section.

Quick actions

Below your Overview and next to your Calendar are your Quick actions. Three of these quick actions will appear for everyone.


Your Activity section holds the most recent notifications for projects you’re a participant in. Notifications for activities that aren’t tied to a project will not appear here. This includes:

  • You or a team member created a smart file draft

  • A file was sent to a client

  • A client viewed a file

  • A client made a payment

  • A contract was signed

  • A smart file was completed

  • You received a message

  • A session was scheduled

Selecting most activity notifications will open up the project workspace that the activity came from—with the exception of file update notifications. Selecting a file update notification will open up the file summary.

You can create a new project by selecting + Project near the top of the section. If you want to view your active projects, select Go to active projects > at the bottom of the section.


Your Inbox section shows the most recent unread messages from your projects. These can come from either collaborators or clients, and you can select a message to open up the project workspace that the message came from.

Select a message to open up the project workspace that the message came from. Messages that aren’t tied to a project will not appear here. You can view all your unread messages by selecting Show more > at the bottom of the section.

You can also mark all as read to clear your Inbox.

Here's how messages can be marked as read:

  • If you reply to the client within the project workspace

    • Any team members that haven't seen your reply will still have an unread message

  • If you mark all as read

  • If you go into a project with an unread message


Your Tasks section has tasks assigned to you that are open as well as tasks assigned to team members that are participants in the same projects as you. If you have any automation tasks that require your approval, these will also appear in this section.

Create new tasks by selecting + Task near the top of the section. You can also view more tasks by selecting Show more > at the bottom of the section.


Your Templates section shows the smart file templates you use the most.

📣 Note

This section won’t show legacy files. If you haven’t yet moved over to smart files, you’ll instead see a prompt to convert your account.

Create a new smart file template by selecting + Template near the top of the section. You can also view all your templates by selecting Go to templates > at the bottom of the section.


Your Payments section holds info about your expected payments for the current month. These amounts are calculated after taxes and discounts were deducted and tips were added. This section breaks down:

  • Client payments you’ve already received

  • Payments that a client made but are still processing

  • Expected upcoming payments (based on your project invoice dates)

  • Overdue client payments (where the due date has already passed)

Your overdue payments are added up, and you can view a breakdown of your payments according to what state they’re in.

Create a new invoice by selecting + Invoice near the top of the section. You can also view all your payments by selecting Go to payments > at the bottom of the section. Get a detailed breakdown of this section if you have any more questions about what info it holds.

📚 Tip

Only company owners and super admins can view payment info on their home screen. If you're neither of these, go to your Payments screen to view this info.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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