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Adding your clients to HoneyBook

How to import your client or contact list into your HoneyBook account

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Whether you’re booking your first client or you're joining HoneyBook hundreds of clients deep, we aim to make it easy to get those connections imported and recorded in HoneyBook via your Contacts tab.

Once your contacts have been added, you can always access your full list under the Contacts tab.

📣 Note

For accounts with multiple team members: each moderator, admin, super admin, and account owner has access to all contacts, across the entire team, in their contact list. Basic team members can see contacts only that they added themselves or are in a project with.

Private contact notes are private and visible only to the team member who wrote them.

Adding individual clients

Add an individual client and create a project

1.  From any page in HoneyBook, click the + New button.

2.  Select New Client.

3.  Enter the client's name and email, plus any other details you'd like.

4.  Click Add.

You've now created both a client and a project, and you'll be taken right to the project workspace. You can proceed as though you've just added a project by updating the project details and sending out files.

Add an individual client without creating a project

1. From any page in HoneyBook, click the Contacts tab.

2.  Click Add Contact.

3. Enter the client's name and email, plus any other details you'd like.

4.  Click Add.

Once added, you'll be directed right to the client workspace where you can get started adding the client to projects and sending files.

Import a list of contacts

Import a list of contacts via CSV file

You can also move your contact list from other apps into HoneyBook all at once using a CSV file.

File requirements

Your file must meet these requirements to be accepted:

  • The file must be in .CSV format

    • You can save any Google Sheet or Excel file as a .CSV file by selecting File > Download/Save As > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

  • Up to 500 contacts can be added at a time

  • Maximum file size of 2MB

  • At minimum, the contact’s email must be included

File column headers

You can make uploading easier for yourself by including column headers in the file. Here are the HoneyBook fields you’ll match your columns to when uploading your file:

  • Email (required)

  • Name

    • If this isn’t in the file, HoneyBook will use whatever’s in front of the contact’s email’s at sign (“@”) to fill in their name

  • Phone

  • Organization (aka Company)

  • Comments

How to import a list of contacts

1. From your Contacts tab, select Add Contact → Import from file.

2. Upload your file by dragging and dropping it or choosing the file to upload.

3. After your file finishes uploading, match the file columns to their related HoneyBook fields.

a. Unmatched fields will not be uploaded.

b. If your file doesn’t have column headers, uncheck the box next to My file has headers and use the drop-down menus to label what each column holds.

4. Review the list of contacts you’ll import.

a. Updated contacts will have an icon next to their name. If the contact’s email address is already present in your contacts list, you’ll see this icon.

5. Sometimes, contacts included in your file can fail to upload. You can download a report to see what contacts failed, and they can then be uploaded separately. You’ll also receive an email with the report.

6. When you finish reviewing, select Import.

Troubleshooting your file upload

There’s two different times you could run into an error:

  • When you’re uploading the actual file

  • After you’ve matched your fields and selected Import

When you’re uploading your file, you can get an error message letting you know what went wrong (for example, “Wrong file format” means you didn’t use a .CSV or file). These error messages will include the fix.

If you receive an error message after selecting Import, then either some contacts weren’t imported, or the entire import failed.

  • If some of the contacts weren’t imported, download the file that includes the contacts that weren’t imported, fix the issues, and upload file with the fixed contacts

  • If the entire import failed, the error message you’ll see will let you know of the issue. The table below addresses each error message you might see.

Import your existing Google contacts

You can import Google contacts via your Contacts tab—just click the three dot icon > Import Google contacts button, and select the contacts you'd like to add!

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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