Embedding the HoneyBook Scheduler on your business website

How to allow clients to book time with you directly from your website

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Once you’ve created custom session types in HoneyBook, the next step is to share these sessions with clients. You might be familiar with sharing your sessions as links over email, text, social media, or other channels.

Did you know? You can also embed the HoneyBook Scheduler on your business website to cut out any back and forth.

PLEASE NOTE: Every HoneyBook session type has a unique session link. When you follow the steps to embed the Scheduler on your business website, you’re embedding a single session type (such as: Consultation Call, Intro Meeting, or In-Person Session).

If you’d like to embed multiple session types on your site, follow the steps below for each session type. (We recommend embedding these sessions on separate pages of your website to not overwhelm your clients.)

To embed the HoneyBook Scheduler on your business website:

1. From your HoneyBook home page, navigate to Tools > Scheduling.

2. Locate the session that you’d like to embed on your business website, then click the link icon to copy the session link.

3. Next, head over to the website: frontendresource.com/iframe-generator.

4. In the iFrame URL box, enter the session link that you copied from HoneyBook.

5. Enter an iFrame name.

  • HoneyBook Tip: We recommend entering your session type here!

6. Add the dimensions that work best for your website.

  • HoneyBook Tip: For the best client experience, be sure to set the dimensions to 100% width and at least 800px height.

7. Select if you’d like a scrollbar to appear and toggle a border on or off.

  • If you toggle the border on, you’ll be able to customize the border type, size, and color.

8. Click Generate My Code. Your iFrame code should appear, and you’ll be able to preview what it looks like in the box below.

  • HoneyBook Tip: You can play around with the width, height, and other display options; just be sure to click Generate My Code again if you make any changes.

9. When everything looks good to go, copy your iFrame code.

10. Next, login to your business website. From here, follow the directions from your web host to embed the code on your site! Here's how to do that on a few of our members' most commonly-used sites:

Once the Scheduler is embedded on your business website, clients can book sessions with you directly from your website. When a client schedules a session, it will be added to a HoneyBook project and create a meeting on your HoneyBook Calendar!

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