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Activating an automation via contact form submission
Activating an automation via contact form submission

How to automatically activate an automation when a contact form inquiry is received

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Once you have some automations set up, you can set them to activate automatically when a contact form inquiry comes in.

You can even set different automations to activate based on which project type is assigned to the inquiry. For example, you can set a Corporate Event project type inquiry to activate your Corporate Event Onboarding automation, while a Birthday Party project type might trigger an entirely different automation—which means tailored responses for your clients, and less work for you.


This article references automations, available for Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

Setting a default automation for contact form inquiries

If all your contact form inquiries should receive the same automation—or, if you simply want to set the default for most inquiries, while creating special automations for select project types—that’s easy to do!

1. Head to your Automations Dashboard.

2. Find the automation you’d like to assign in the list.

3. In the Automate via Contact Form drop-down, select Default for contact form.

Now, that’s the default automation that will trigger when a contact form inquiry comes in! If you need to set specific automations for specific project types, those will override the default automation. Learn more in the section below!

Assigning automations to inquiries based on project type

If you’re looking to activate specific automations based on contact form inquiries with specific project types, you can make sure those project types are selected in a contact form in one of two ways:

  • Create a contact form that includes a project type question for your client to answer on their end—and make sure to mark that question as required, so they don’t miss it!

  • Assign a default project type to an entire contact form, so that any inquiry coming in through that form will automatically be assigned that particular project type. If you use multiple contact forms in different places, you can assign different project types as necessary!

Once you know your inquiries will be coming in with project types assigned:

1. Head back to your Automations Dashboard.

2. Find the automation you’d like to assign in the list.

3. In the Automate via Contact Form drop-down, choose which project type will trigger this automation. You can select a single project type, or choose more than one if the automation applies to multiple scenarios!


Assigning specific project types to an automation will override the Default for contact form option for inquiries with these specific project types.

So, for example, let’s say you have your Standard Onboarding automation marked as the Default for contact form, and your Event Onboarding automation set to trigger for “Birthday” and “Corporate Event” project types. Any contact forms with Birthday or Corporate Event selected as the project type will receive the Event Onboarding automation, while all other project types will receive the default of Standard Onboarding automation.

Now, automations with project types assigned will trigger for those incoming inquiries! If an inquiry comes in with a project type that has not specifically been assigned an automation, that inquiry will receive whatever automation you set as your default.

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