Project Types are multi-dimensional in their benefits. They allow you to easily categorize the type of business you're doing, certainly, but they can make your process even simpler with just a few more steps.

Specifically, making sure that Inquiries from your Contact Form always enter your Pipeline with a Project Type in place can save you the trouble of making those updates yourself, while also easily triggering your choice of Project Type-based Workflows

What's that all mean? In short, making sure that Inquiries have Project Types assigned can ensure that leads who want different services can get emails, Questionnaires, and/or Brochures that are specific to their interests—and they can get them automatically once they've submitted a Contact Form. 

There are two ways that Inquiries submitted through your Contact Form can have a Project Type assigned. You can:

Setting a default Project Type is perfect for those who use individual Contact Forms for individual services, or for companies that simply don't have a range of Project Types! Going this route allows you to determine, in advance, the Project Type that will be assigned to new Inquiries submitted via that specific Contact Form—which means your clients have one less question to answer.

Including a Project Type question, on the other hand, leaves the choice to whomever is doing the form-submitting, so your potential client can select from your services to let you know what's of interest. This is great for folks who offer a range of services, and only use one or two more general Contact Forms.

Assigning a default Project Type

Before you assign a default Project Type, make sure you don't already have a Project Type question included in your form! You can see which question is associated with Project Type by hovering over the linked icon, then delete it (if necessary) with the trash can

To assign a default Project Type to a Contact Form:

1.  Find the Contact Form you'd like to edit by opening your Contact Form tool, then clicking the Form icon in the sidebar. This will show you your full list of Contact Forms (or, you can create a new one).

2.  Select the Settings icon in the sidebar.

3.  Under Assign Project Type, select the Project Type you'd like to set as this form's default.

PLEASE NOTE: Setting a default Project Type here only applies to this individual Contact Form. If you have other Contact Forms in use, make sure to update the default Project Types on any other forms you need.

4.  Click Publish Changes when you're finished to ensure that the changes go live!

HoneyBook Tip: Remember, you can customize your Project Type options under Company Settings > Preferences!

Including a Project Type question

Before you add a Project Type question, make sure you don't already have a default Project Type assigned! Under Settings > Assign Project Type for the Contact Form in question, make sure None is selected. 

To add a Project Type question:

1.  Find the Contact Form you'd like to edit by opening your Contact Form tool, then clicking the Form icon in the sidebar. This will show you your full list of Contact Forms (or, you can create a new one).

2.  Hover over any question or block and click the Plus (+) button that appears at the bottom. This will allow you to add another content or question block.

3.  Make sure you're in the Questions tab, then select Suggested Questions.

4.  Select Project Type.

Now, you can edit the text of the question if necessary, click the Gear icon to decide if the question is required (which is recommended, especially if you'd like to connect some Workflows!), and more. Get the full scoop on customizing your Contact Form here. 

Whichever option you choose, you're now ready to save yourself even more time and effort by creating and applying some Workflows.

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