We get that your business isn’t a one size-fits-all experience. That's why we make it easy to add as many Contact Forms as you'd like to your website (or sites!) — and allow you to customize them to suit your clients’ specific needs. 

In this article, we'll cover:

How many Contact Forms can I create?

You can create as many Contact Forms as you'd like! Submissions from all forms will populate as Inquiries in your Project Pipeline.

Do I have to embed each form separately?

If you'd like your forms embedded on your website, then yes — you'll need to embed each form separately. That way, you can put each form exactly where you want it on your site, allowing for a perfectly branded experience. 

Remember, though, that you can always share forms with no embedding required! Just find the Direct Link for the form(s) in question and share as necessary.

How do multiple Contact Forms work with my Workflows?

Your Contact Form — whether you have one or multiple — will be able to trigger Workflows in one of two ways. 

If you have Workflows assigned to trigger based on particular Project Types, the Project Type will be deciding factor in the Workflow that goes out (rather than which Contact Form the Inquiry came from).

So let's say, for example, you have a Workflow set up for the Party Project Type, and you have two Contact Forms in use — Contact Form #1 and Contact Form #2

Someone submitting an Inquiry for a party on Contact Form #1 AND someone submitting an Inquiry for a party on Contact Form #2 will both receive the same Party Workflow. 

If you have a Workflow assigned as the Default for your Contact Form, we'll see, once again, that submissions from ANY Contact Form will trigger this Workflow, as long as: 

  • A Project Type selected does not have a Workflow associated, OR

  • A Project Type has not been selected or assigned at all

Want to make sure that specific Contact Forms trigger a specific Workflows? Read more on assigning Project Types below!

Can I assign each Contact Form a different Project Type / Workflow?

You sure can! Just assign a default Project Type to a Contact Form. This will remove the need to ask your leads which Project Type they're interested in, and will automatically assign incoming Inquiries from that Contact Form the Project Type you've selected instead.

Then, just set up a Workflow to trigger based on that Project Type! Repeat with additional Contact Forms & Project Types as necessary.

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