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What email address will my emails and files send from?
What email address will my emails and files send from?

Understanding which email address your clients will see as the sender with emails, files, or communication sent through automations

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If you've integrated with your business email, anything you send directly through a project—whether that's a simple email, or a file—will appear as coming from your name and your actual email address.

If you haven't integrated with your business email address, no problem! All emails and documents you send will still appear to your clients as coming from your name and business name, but the actual sender will be the HoneyBook email proxy.

📣 Note

This article references automations and accounts with multiple team members. These features are available for Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

For projects that include multiple team members as participants

  • The creator of an email or file will always appear as the sender, even if another team member is sending a file that had been drafted (but not sent) by someone else

For example, a file drafted by Team Member 1 but sent by Team Member 2 will still appear as being sent by the file creator (Team Member 1).

Only owner, super admin, and admin permission levels can edit and send files drafted by other team members.

For emails or files sent via automation

  • Automation emails & files will always sent by the project owner, regardless of who created or applied the automation

For example, if Team Member 1 is the assigned owner of a project, and Team Member 2 applies an automation that sends an email, that email will still appear as being sent by the project owner (Team Member 1).

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