If you have any PDF files or images that you like sending off to your clients–beyond bookable files like Invoices and Contracts, that is—you can send those through HoneyBook as well! It's easy to attach additional files to any email you send, whether through the Activity Feed or an email that accompanies a HoneyBook File.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, HoneyBook is not able to add attachments to email Templates, Workflows, or Batch Emails—but we're hoping to add that functionality in the future!

You can send files in PDF, JPG, PNG, or DOC formats, and once your file is sent, we'll also store it in your Library so you can easily access it again right through HoneyBook.

You'll recognize the paper clip icon—the universal attaching symbol!—wherever you send your emails. And, of course, you can also send attachments via your HoneyBook mobile app!

When you're sending an email through the Activity Feed, the paper clip icon will be in the tool bar at the bottom of the message:

When you're sending an email that accompanies a file, the paper clip icon will be in the tool bar at the top of the message:

From there, you can select the file or image you'd like to attach. You can either choose something that already exists in your HoneyBook Library, or use the Upload tab to upload something new!

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