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Personalize your email communication with clients

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When you're sending messages to your clients, it's important to sound like... well, you! HoneyBook provides some built-in email messaging suggestions to get you started, but most importantly, we always allow you to review and customize email communication.

📚 Tip

You can also create your own email templates to save you time—while still keeping all communication in your unique voice!

To edit your emails before sending:

1.  Either open the email composer in a project's activity feed, or, when you're finished creating a file, click Share.

2.  Now, enter the text and/or edit your email! From the email edit screen, you can:

  • Change the email subject line

  • Edit the content of the email

  • Format the text with bolding, underlining, etc. 

  • Hyperlink text

  • Insert the first client's first name

    • first client first name is the only dynamic field available for emails. The field will populate with the first client participant's first name after the message is sent.

  • Add file or image attachments

    • Pictures cannot be added to the body of emails, but you can add them as email attachments.

📚 Tip

If you're sending an email with a smart file, you'll need to highlight text for the formatting options to appear. You'll also be able to edit the button text (the text on the button that will link out to the smart file, automatically included at the bottom of your message once sent) from the email composer.

If you're sending an email from the activity feed of a project, you can also insert a session link.

3.  You can also choose from a list of email templates—remember, you can make your own—by clicking the Templates menu. The body of the email will automatically update when you select a template.

📚 Tip

Click the eye icon to preview what your client will see.

4.  Click Send when you're finished with your edits!

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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