We work very hard with third party companies to ensure that your messages land in your clients’ inboxes. While we have a nearly 100% deliverability rate, based on your email habits or your client’s settings, some messages may end up in their spam folder. 

Here are a few things that may help correct this issue:

  • Follow best email practices. Try not to send emails en masse and reduce the number of emails you send from your business email account, which can be an indicator of a spam account.

  • Tell your client to check their email settings. Have them make sure your email has not ended up on their blacklist. If it has, they can add you to their whitelist to ensure none of your emails go to their spam folder. 

  • Check your email Templates. Try to limit the amount of links and attachments used to reduce the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam. 

  • Turn off your email integration. You can leverage your sending reputation by doing this, but beware that if you un-sync your business email, your emails will come from a HoneyBook email ([email protected]) and when your client responds, their replies will only appear in HoneyBook. 

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