Adding an unsubscribe link to marketing emails

How to add an unsubscribe link to boost email deliverability, and all about the client-side experience

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Recent email spam filter updates have made including an easy unsubscribe option in your marketing emails critical to ensuring they're delivered. HoneyBook has recently implemented an unsubscribe tool, so you can mark messages as marketing and automatically add in an unsubscribe link.

Add an unsubscribe link to your email

1. First, get started composing your message. You can send an email along with a smart file, reply to or start a new thread from a project's activity feed, send bulk emails, and more!

📚 Tip

If you have specific email templates that you use for marketing messages, consider adding the unsubscribe option right to the template. That way, any time you use the template, you'll save a step and won't have to mark it as a marketing email again and again

2. Click the marketing email icon to insert an unsubscribe link.

📣 Note

The unsubscribe link will not appear in the draft message or in the project's activity feed—only in your client's email inbox. You can tell that an unsubscribe link has been added if the marketing email icon is selected.

The marketing email icon will be automatically selected for any bulk emails you create. Including an unsubscribe link in bulk emails is a best practice—if you don't include this, chances are, your bulk emails will not be delivered. That said, if you need to remove the unsubscribe link, simply click the marketing email icon again.

3. When you're ready, proceed to send your message (or schedule it to send at a later date).

The sent email will be marked as "marketing" in the project's activity feed (visible only to you), and the unsubscribe link will appear in the message in the client's email inbox.

How to tell if a client unsubscribed from your marketing emails

If a client has unsubscribed from your marketing emails, you'll see an indicator in a few places. Any marketing emails you send will not be delivered to their inbox, but the emails will show in the corresponding project's activity feed in HoneyBook.

Client avatar

Email status

If you send a marketing email to a client who has previously unsubscribed, the email status will show as Not delivered for them.

Client-side experience

When a client receives a marketing email from you, they'll see the unsubscribe option in the message.

If they click Unsubscribe, they'll be directed to a new tab where they can click Unsubscribe again to confirm that they'd like to receive no further marketing emails from your business.

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