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Removing a participant from a project
Removing a participant from a project

How to remove someone as a participant from a workspace

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, it's no longer necessary to have a particular person receive all communication from a project—life happens! Fortunately, it's easy to remove a contact from all future communications.

To remove a participant:

1.  Navigate to the project from which you need to remove a participant.

  • Search via the search icon in the top left corner, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of projects.

2.  If the project contains multiple workspace, make sure that you're in the correct workspace by selecting from the list of Related Workspaces in the right-side project options toolbar.

3.  Once in the correct workspace, you'll see the participants just below the project header. Click the the icon for the participant you'll be removing.

4.  Select Remove from project.

  • If the project contains multiple workspaces and you need to remove the participant from the entire project, make sure to repeat this process for all workspaces with which the contact is associated!

📣 Note

Can't remove a participant from a project? You will only be able to remove a participant if they have not signed a contract in the workspace.

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