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New and Improved: April 2024
New and Improved: April 2024

What’s new at HoneyBook for April 2024

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Assign automated tasks to team members

Now, you can choose which team member your automated tasks will be assigned to. Simply select the task assignee when creating or editing an automation, then save–tasks will effortlessly assign to the right person, enhancing efficiency and task delegation.

Smart fields within text blocks

We heard your excitement about smart fields in emails and expanded this functionality to files. Select from 40+ smart fields to have key client, project, and business details auto-populate in your smart files. The field values will appear to your clients as plain text, ensuring a seamless client experience.

Pic-Time integration: galleries in client portal

For enhanced collaboration and visibility, automatically share connected galleries to the client portal. Project participants will be able to view and access gallery details right from HoneyBook, keeping your information in one place.

You can also choose to display or hide a connected gallery from the files tab, which will reflect in your client's files tab.

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*New Pic-Time subscribers only. Offer valid through 10/30/2024.

Mark smart file as completed

We’ve added the ability to manually mark smart files (in which all required actions have been taken) as completed. This new functionality provides you more control over your file statuses and automations, and allows you to give projects an extra “push” through the clientflow.

AI composer for projects

Building on the power of the AI composer for leads, enter the AI composer for project emails. Whenever a client messages you through a HoneyBook project, a draft response will be suggested to you, tailored to the situation and your brand voice. You can quickly edit and send from desktop or mobile.

New features are rolled out in batches to ensure steady deployment and might not be instantly accessible. Feel free to contact our Support team if you have any questions.

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