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New and Improved: July 2024
New and Improved: July 2024

What’s new at HoneyBook for July 2024

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New mobile app home screen

The HoneyBook mobile app home screen has gotten a makeover. Now, you can stay on top of actions that require attention with easy access to recent messages, a snapshot view of your calendar, new leads, and more–right when you open the mobile app. This new home screen also provides a mobile view that more closely mirrors the desktop application, creating a more unified HoneyBook experience.

Bookkeeping improvements

Your Bookkeeping page just got faster, smarter, and more insightful with the introduction of more payment statuses. Now, you’ll always know where your money is, and you can use the newly-available transaction Trace IDs to help your bank find it, too.

Second client name field

To make managing multi-client projects even easier, we’ve added a “second client name” field to smart fields. You can pull this smart field into your emails and smart file text blocks, then sit back as your second clients’ names auto-populate.

Custom archive reasons

Now, you can add your own reasons for archiving projects, beyond the reasons pre-loaded to your account. This update gives you more detailed insights into project histories and helps you identify archive trends.

Template releases

Seven new templates are available for use in the Template Gallery. This collection of content- and copy- rich templates is perfect for digital marketers, copywriters, and general marketing consultants looking for new templates or ways to improve existing service guides, proposals, and more.

Auto-tag projects or contacts created from lead forms

For more control over project and contact insights, you can now set lead form inquiries to automatically have the tags of your choice added. This new functionality helps you search for, filter, and organize your projects and contacts from the get-go.

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New features are rolled out in batches to ensure steady deployment and might not be instantly accessible. Feel free to contact our Support team if you have any questions.

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