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Get time back with these HoneyBook tools
Get time back with these HoneyBook tools

All about popular features that can automate processes and save you hours of time

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HoneyBook's suite of features and tools can help you get time back—all while delighting clients and boosting your cashflow.

AI composer

Lead capture & nurture

Ever felt like responding to leads was a full-time job? Let HoneyBook take care of that with the AI composer.

When a new lead comes in via contact form, the AI composer will automatically draft up a suggested response, tailored to the situation and your business. You can use the draft as a starting point and re-adjust the tone, length, and more with just a few clicks—and make any manual edits—then send it off.

The best part? There’s no setup required. All you need to do is share your HoneyBook contact form, make sure you don’t have any active contact form automations, and let the leads (and AI composer suggested responses) roll in.


File & email sharing

It's nearly impossible to mention "time back" without "automations"—the two go hand-in-hand. Automations allow you to automate tasks in a project’s lifecycle at the cadence of your choice, taking much of the manual work out of maintaining new, existing, and past projects.

With automations, you can have steps automatically occur such as: an initial questionnaire sent three days after a lead comes in, an invoice sent right after a consultation call meeting, and much, much more.

HoneyBook Extend

Lead capture & communication streamlining

HoneyBook’s Google Chrome extension—HoneyBook Extend—lets you add leads to HoneyBook without having to leave your Gmail account. And, if emails come in from contacts that already have HoneyBook projects associated with them, you can quickly check the status of that project right from your Gmail window. No more jumping between tabs to copy and paste information.

Lead forms

Lead capture, instant booking & scheduling

Lead forms allow you to create public, custom inquiry or booking experiences for leads or even returning clients.

Many businesses offer holiday specials, and lead forms are the perfect tool to use to get those booked. You can create a lead form that allows anyone to schedule and pay for a special session, select seasonal products or services and pay instantly, and more; without any upfront effort on your part.

Out of office reply

Communication streamlining

HoneyBook has a dedicated out of office (OOO) email feature that you can apply to all, or specific types of, inquiries and emails you receive while away. That way, you can set expectations with new leads and existing clients, and easily pick back up once you're back.

Questions, looking for more time-saving inspo, or just want to spread holiday cheer? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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