Understanding and using the AI composer

How the AI composer works, and how you can use its suggested responses to get back to leads in record time

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With HoneyBook's AI composer, you’ll have personalized email responses suggested on your mobile app, as soon as new leads come in. You can quickly edit and send, freeing up more of your valuable time.

📣 Note

This feature is available only on the HoneyBook mobile app, for leads that come in via HoneyBook contact form.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements for the AI composer here.

We'll answer some frequently-asked questions about the AI composer below:

How does the AI composer work?

When a new lead comes in via HoneyBook contact form, your company name, industry type, and the fields of the contact form are received by the AI composer. The composer drafts up a suggested response in real-time: an email reply that's personally tailored to your lead and which adheres to email deliverability best practices.

You'll receive a mobile push notification whenever a suggested response is ready. From there, review the draft message on your app, make any desired changes, and send.

Who’s eligible for the AI composer?

This feature is currently in Beta and available to select users on the HoneyBook mobile app.

How do I use the AI composer?

Before you get started:

1. Set up the HoneyBook contact form: share it as a direct link, embed it on your business website, or both. (The AI composer creates suggested responses only for leads that come in via HoneyBook contact form.)

2. Make sure you do not have any active contact form automations. (To ensure leads don’t receive duplicate outreach, you will not be able to use this feature if you have active automations tied to your contact form(s).)

3. Download the mobile app on your iOS or Android device. (Suggested responses will appear only on the mobile app.)

4. Enable push notifications. (You’ll receive a mobile push notification as soon as a suggested response is ready.)

To use the AI composer:

1. After a new lead comes in, you’ll receive a mobile push notification when the suggested response is ready. This notification will also appear in your app's notification center.

2. Tap on the notification, or search for and open the lead’s project.

📣 Note

Remember, suggested responses are available only on the HoneyBook mobile app.

3. From within the project, swipe up on the AI composer to open the full suggested response. From here:

  • Tap the refresh icon to generate a new response

  • Tap the thumbs up or thumbs down icon to rate the response

  • Update the suggested response to better fit your situation/brand by tapping Indicate not available, Indicate budget too low, Change tone > select the new tone, Make it shorter, or Make it longer

📚 Tip

Don't want to use the suggested response? Just swipe down on the AI composer to close it.

4. Next, tap Review Before Sending.

5. Edit the suggested response as needed, then click Send when you’re ready.

Once you’ve sent the response, the email will appear in the project’s activity feed and the lead’s email inbox, just like any other message.

📚 Tip

Check out this post to learn more about using AI to supercharge your clientflow.

Can I turn off the AI composer?

Yes, you can turn off the AI composer and all suggested responses.

To turn off the AI composer:

1. Open your HoneyBook mobile app.

2. Tap the Settings tab.

3. Toggle Use AI composer OFF (grey).

How do I access an inquiry and suggested response once the push notification goes away?

Even after the corresponding push notification disappears, you'll still be able to access the AI composer's suggested response. Just open your mobile app > tap the Notifications tab > tap the corresponding notification.

Do I have to use the AI composer suggested responses?

No, you don't have to use the AI composer suggested responses. If you'd prefer, you can always craft something else and send it off to your leads.

📚 Tip

If you don't want to use a suggested response, just swipe down on the AI composer to close it.


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