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Can I set up an "out of office" response or an auto-reply?
Can I set up an "out of office" response or an auto-reply?

Understanding what's possible with HoneyBook's automations

Updated over a week ago

At the moment, HoneyBook doesn't have a dedicated out-of-office email feature that can apply to all emails you receive while away.

However, if you'd like to set an automated email reply specifically for inquiries coming in via your contact form, you can set that up with an automation

To set up an out-of-office reply for incoming inquiries:

1.  Create an email template with your out-of-office language.

2.  Head to your Automations Dashboard and click Create Automation. 

3.  Select Send Email as the action.

4.  Adjust the email settings:

  • Message: Out-of-office email template 

  • When: 0 days after automation is activated

  • Require approval before sending: toggled OFF

5.  Click Save.

6.  Return to your main Automations Dashboard and set your Out of Office Automation as Default for contact form

  • Make sure to also un-assign any automations that trigger based on project type—otherwise, those will still go out to inquiries that come in with that project type!

Now, any new inquiries that come in while you're away will receive the email notifying them that you're unavailable. When you're back, just remove or un-assign that automation!

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