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New and Improved: May 2023
New and Improved: May 2023

What's new at HoneyBook for May 2023

Updated over a week ago

Ability to delete items

This has been a major request from our members, and we are excited to announce that you are now able to delete service items. You can do this directly in the file builder when you add a service item to your file. It will remove it from your bank and from the suggested items list so you can keep your services up to date, your file creation streamlined, and your business more organized!

Reports page refresh

We're excited to announce that your reports page has received a fresh and inviting makeover! We've worked diligently on enhancing the backend functionality, enabling you to retrieve your data more swiftly and effortlessly, now presented in intuitive tables.

We've also updated our pre-set report exports, delivering even more valuable insights so you can identify trends and improve decision making. You'll be pleased to find convenient pre-determined reports available for export: paid payments, leads, projects, booked clients. Premium tier members can access additional reports such as team members, and client reports.

Payments overview & actions in the project workspace

In order to make the project workspace more useful–and your clientflow more efficient–we’ve moved payments from every smart file within a project directly into the project workspace. That means you can click into a project and see all invoices and send reminders directly from this view. No more clicking into a project, then a file, just to see the invoice!

Video block in files now supports Loom and SoundCloud

Ever wanted to easily add a Loom you recorded, or include some audio or one of your mixes directly into a file? Now you can! We’ve always supported Vimeo and YouTube, but with our members’ ever changing and expanding needs, we were hearing that Loom was a platform of choice. Just paste your link into a video block, and voila. The same is true for SoundCloud, too: simply click into the settings of your video block, paste your link, adjust any settings, and send off to your client.

Update to the client experience of payment reminders

In the past, when an email reminder was sent to your client prompting them to pay an invoice, clicking through the link on the email would bring them to the first page of the file. That meant your client would need to click through the find the payment page–not ideal! Now, when they click they’ll be directed straight to the payment page to reduce friction even further, and get you paid faster.

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