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New and Improved: August 2023
New and Improved: August 2023

What's new at HoneyBook for August 2023

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Lead forms

Hopefully you’ve already heard about (or even seen!) our new lead forms. They are the best way to capture new or returning client information upfront, as well as book them instantly. You can create a form and link it anywhere on your website or other public channels, and someone without you needing to know their contact info or create a project ahead of time. Once someone submits a lead form, a project will be created automatically for you so you can begin your work together. You can also attach them to automations to keep your clientflow moving without any manual work.

Check out our product highlight on the blog, our case study featuring a member using lead forms, and this video from Diana, one of the HoneyBook Pros, explaining how she uses lead forms to book 1:many sessions when she wants to hold a workshop.

Sessions are automatically added to your client’s calendar

If a client books a session with you, that session (along with all session details) will be automatically added to the client’s calendar associated with their email address. That greatly reduces the risk of no-shows, and takes a step out of your clientflow.

Updates to reports

  1. In the past, if you had multiple brands under one HoneyBook account, your reports were combined, which limited visibility into individual brand performance, hindered informed decision-making for scaling and growth, and made accounting confusing. Now reports are separated between different brands, even under the same account, so you have the information you need to succeed.

  2. Booked vs. Sent Files report now includes booked contracts (both legacy and smart files with contracts). This enhancement ensures a comprehensive overview of booked contracts, providing a more accurate analysis of file performance.

Refer & earn with HoneyBook’s mobile app

We're introducing a referral system right within the app, making it easier than ever for you to spread the love. Every friend you refer will get a special discount on their HoneyBook subscription. For every successful referral, earn payouts as a token of our appreciation. A treat for you!

Bookkeeper user type

We’ve rolled out a new user type in HoneyBook, so you can seamlessly grant access to your Bookkeeper and manage your finances more easily. By inviting your bookkeeper to collaborate through the platform, they’ll receive personalized login credentials, ensuring a smooth collaboration experience. Now, you can keep your financial management more secure with this specialized financial access.

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