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Deleting an item from your item bank
Deleting an item from your item bank
How to remove any lesser-used items from your item bank
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Say goodbye to a crowded item bank—now, you can easily delete any items that you don’t need. Your most relevant services will be at your fingertips, right where they should be.

PLEASE NOTE: Don't see this feature in your account yet? It's coming soon!

To delete an item from your item bank:

1. From any smart file, find or add an invoice block.

2. Select + Add item/package, then click into the empty service item field to open your item bank.

3. Locate the existing item that you’d like to delete.

  • HoneyBook Tip: Search for an item by typing its name, or scroll through the item bank list to locate.

PLEASE NOTE: Need to delete a package instead? You can do so under My Templates > Packages.

4. Click the trash can icon to remove the item from your item bank.

That’s it! The item will no longer appear as a suggestion when you add services to your invoices.

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