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Deleting an item from your item bank
Deleting an item from your item bank

How to remove any lesser-used items from your item bank

Updated over a week ago

Say goodbye to a crowded item bank—now, you can easily delete any items that you don’t need. Your most relevant services will be at your fingertips, right where they should be.

To delete an item from your item bank:

1. From any smart file, find or add an invoice block.

2. Select + Add item/package, then click into the empty service item field to open your item bank.

3. Locate the existing item that you’d like to delete.

  • HoneyBook Tip: Search for an item by typing its name, or scroll through the item bank list to locate.

PLEASE NOTE: Need to delete a package instead? You can do so under My Templates > Packages.

4. Click the trash can icon to remove the item from your item bank.

That’s it! The item will no longer appear as a suggestion when you add services to your invoices.

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