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New and Improved: July 2023
New and Improved: July 2023

What's new at HoneyBook for July 2023

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Track upcoming payments from your HoneyBook home screen

Say goodbye to unwelcome surprises around your monthly income with the new payments widget on your HoneyBook home page. It gives you a clear overview of your expected client payments for the current month and the status of each payment—whether it's paid, processing, upcoming, or overdue. Address issues early and confidently plan your business's finances by staying updated on your upcoming payments.

Share (and receive) file templates from other HoneyBook members

Just because you’re an independent business, doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Now, you can receive file templates from other businesses on HoneyBook, or share yours.

Not sure where to start? If you want to see how other businesses structure files and build client experiences, ask the community to share with you. Or if you want to show off your best practices, tips, and design skills, feel free to offer your templates to others. Plus, keep an eye out for our template share-a-thon.

Best practice improvements for invoices

We’ve made some key updates to invoice and contract functionality that we believe will remove friction and frustration from those of you working with clients who are businesses (B2B). Now, you can rename milestones within a payment schedule: whenever you use an invoice with payments structured by a milestone (instead of by date), you can name each milestone for ultimate clarity with your clients.

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