Downloading HoneyBook Reports

How to customize and download CSV reports containing detailed company insights

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While your HoneyBook Reports page provides visualizations of your bookings, financial analytics, and leads data, you can also download pre-set CSV reports with custom time frames for further insights.


If you have multiple companies in HoneyBook, your Reports will show insights for projects and files created in the company you are currently under.

Downloadable reports are available only for super admin team members and account owners.

To download a HoneyBook report:

1. Click the Tools tab in your top navigation bar and select Reports.

2. Select Go to Reports.

3. From the pop-up, select the report type that you’d like to download. The report types are:

Payments completed: Payments completed, including project & client details, total paid, gratuity, discounts, and refunds for the selected timeframe.

📚 Tip

The Payments completed report is perfect if you need a detailed overview of your income over a month, year, or any other period of time.

Need to see the total amount of processing fees deducted from payments? Transaction fees are listed in Column T of the Payments completed report.

Leads: Leads from the HoneyBook contact form, including project & client details, lead source, and booking date for the selected timeframe.

Projects: Booked and unbooked project details, participants, and financials for projects that have a created date within selected timeframe (available for Essentials and Premium plan members only).

Booked projects per client: Breakdown of booked projects and the associated clients, including client contact details and project details, for the selected timeframe. Timeframe uses project booking dates, not dates set within the project (available for Essentials and Premium plan members only).

Team members: Breakdown of all your company’s team members and their roles, projects they’re involved in, and more (available for Premium plan members only).

Clients: Breakdown of all clients including contact info, number of projects, client worth, and more (available for Premium plan members only).

4. Select the time frame for the data you’d like to show in your report.

📚 Tip

If you select Custom, make sure to enter the date range in the From and To fields.

5. Click Download.

Your custom CSV report will download to your device, from where you can open it to view all of your insights.

📚 Tip

Need a PDF version of your reports? Just export the CSV download as a PDF from your device!

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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