In HoneyBook, there are two ways to communicate with a large group of people at once: sending a bulk email via your Project Pipeline, or sending a batch email via your Batch Email tool. So, what's the difference?

Both bulk emails and batch emails allow you to send a single email to many recipients at once, while still ensuring that each email is delivered to each contact individually (i.e. your many contacts will NOT suddenly have access to everyone's email addresses). The main differences lie in how recipients are selected, and how the emails you send are tracked. You can find the full breakdown below!

Bulk email sends

Bulk emails from the Project Pipeline allow you to select who your email goes to by letting you choose up to 100 Projects at once; then, all participants in the selected Projects will receive the communication, and the emails will be tracked in the Activity Feeds of each selected Project.

Users with OR without a Gmail integration can use the bulk email feature (just reach out to our Support team if you don't currently have a Gmail address).

Selecting recipients: 

  • Recipients added based on which Projects you select in the Project Pipeline (i.e. every participant in Project A, if selected, will receive the email, without the need to select the participants individually)

  • Given that selections are made through the Pipeline, you can easily sort and segment your email send list based on Project stage, date, etc.

  • You cannot search for individual recipients to add, and cannot add recipients who are not currently associated with a Project

  • You can select up to 100 Projects per bulk email

  • You can send up to 10 bulk emails per 24-hour period

Tracking email sends:

  • Once sent, emails will track in the Activity Feed of each Project that you selected

  • Once sent, you can track whether the email was opened via the Activity Feed of each Project that you selected

Batch email sends

Batch emails allow you to select any recipients from your full list of contacts, whether or not they're associated with Projects, but do not allow you to sort/filter potential recipients based on Projects or Project details. Sent batch emails will not track in any HoneyBook Project.

At the moment, only users with a Gmail integration can use the batch email feature.

Selecting recipients: 

  • Recipients are added individually from your full list of contacts

  • You can search for and select individual contacts to add as recipients, whether or not they're currently involved in an active Project

  • You cannot search or sort your contact list based on Projects or any Project details

  • You can send up to 2 individual Batch Emails per 24-hour period

  • You can send Batch Emails to up to 200 total recipients per 24-hour period

Tracking email sends:

  • Once sent, emails will only track in your Gmail outbox — you will not be able to view sent batch emails in HoneyBook, including within Project Activity Feeds

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