Whether it's been cancelled or you're just trying to clean things up, sometimes, a Project just needs to go. Fortunately, you have a few tricks up your sleeve to take care of that.

Deleting a Project will permanently remove the Workspace, as well as all files and communication that are housed in it. Only use this option if you're sure there's nothing in the Project you need to save!

Archiving a Project simply hides it from your main Pipeline—it will, however, always be accessible in the Archived section. This is a great option for general "clean up."

PLEASE NOTE: If a Project contains a file on which a payment has been made, the Project can not be deleted—it will need to be archived.

To delete a Project from the Pipeline:

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, click the Projects tab.

2.  Find the Project you're looking to delete—you can find it under All, or in the tab that corresponds to the Project's stage.

3.  Click the 3-dot icon next to the Project.

4.  Click Delete.

You can also delete a Project from within the Workspace itself. Just click the 3-dot icon on the right side of the screen and select Delete Workspace.

To archive a Project:

1.  Similar to deleting, you can archive a Project either from the Pipeline view, or from inside the Workspace itself. Either way, select the Stage drop-down menu.

2.  Select Archive.

3.  Select the Archive Reason.

4.  Click OK

HoneyBookTip: You can always un-archive a Project simply by repeating the process above, but selecting the appropriate active stage. This will more your Project back into your main Pipeline.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, the platform does not have the ability to bulk delete or archive a group of Projects or leads at one time, so these will need to be done individually. We're always looking to improve efficiency, though!

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