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FAQ: Time Tracker

Answers to frequently-asked questions about the time tracker

Updated this week

How do I include proof of time worked in my billable hours?

You can add details of your time worked manually when creating your billable hours invoice. This can be done by adding text blocks on a new page to the invoice before you send it to your client. If you need to include these details, use the Time Tracker table to help you fill in these details.

Is the time tracker stopwatch available on desktop?

The stopwatch isn't currently available on desktop, but you can manually enter the time worked as well as handle invoicing for your hours worked from your computer.

Can I use the time tracker for things besides tracking billable hours?

You can use the time tracker for other time management tasks (like tracking team member time in a project). If you use the time tracker for anything besides billable hours, you'll want to make sure the Billable checkbox is unchecked for those entries. Otherwise, they may get accidentally included in the invoice you send your client for the billable hours.

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