Using smart fields in emails

How to auto-populate information in your email messages

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To save you the work of searching for and manually entering key information in your messages, you can add smart fields to your emails. Email smart fields pull relevant information from your business’s, your client’s, and project details, ensuring your emails contain accurate details, every time.

To add a smart field to an email:

1. Get started working on an email. You can:

📚 Tip

We recommend setting smart fields up in your email templates. That way, the field information will automatically populate (if it exists) whenever you use the email template, saving you the work of hunting information down and typing it in for each message!

2. Either click the Insert smart field button or select the { key on your keyboard, then select the smart field you’d like to use. You can select a field from the full list, or start typing to search for a field.

If the field information already exists, the information will auto-populate in the email and the field will turn grey.

If the field information does not exist, the field placeholder text will remain and the field will stay blue.

  • This is common if you’re working on an email template–once you pull the template into a project, the field information will populate if it exists!

3. Continue typing up/customizing your email as needed.

4. If you’re working on an email in a project, make sure to hit Send, or schedule it for later.

📣 Note

Make sure all fields have populated with the field information before sending or scheduling the message! If one or more fields are missing field information, update the missing field sources or manually add text. Not to worry, though–we’ll warn you if any fields are blank before you send the message or schedule it for later.

If you send or schedule an email that contains a smart field missing the field information, the area will appear blank once the message is sent.

Use case examples

Use the Project date email smart field in your date availability confirmation emails

Add the Client first name email smart field to all of your email greetings, to add a personalized touch

Use the Company phone number email smart field to quickly pull in the best number to reach you at

Add the Project type email smart field to your booking confirmations

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