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Payment processing times in HoneyBook Finance
Payment processing times in HoneyBook Finance

How long it takes for credit card payments and bank transfers to reach your HoneyBook Finance checking account

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This article covers a feature that's included in an invite-only closed beta. If you're not a part of the beta, your finance suite will look different, and the help articles you'll want can be found here.

Enjoy faster customer payment processing times now that payments you receive land in your HoneyBook Finance checking account. You also get free instant deposit for all credit card payments under $15,000 USD.

Payment processing times

Customer payment processing times will now take about half as long as before you joined HoneyBook Finance. Here are the typical processing times you'll experience:

Payment method

Processing time

Credit card

  • Below $20,000 USD: immediately

  • Above $20,000 USD: 2–3 business days

Bank transfer (ACH)

  • Below $20,000 USD: 4–5 business days

  • Above $20,000 USD: 7–8 business days

Business days are considered Monday-Friday and exclude bank holidays. Payment processing times can also be delayed by your customer's bank's internal processes.

βœ… Note

Payments under $15,000 USD made with a credit card will not be impacted by bank holidays.

Where can I find a payment's estimated deposit date?

Find deposit dates in your Payments tab's Status column.

1. Select Finance from the top navigation menu β†’ select Payments.

2. Find the estimated deposit date in the payment's Status column.

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