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New and Improved: June 2023
New and Improved: June 2023

What's new at HoneyBook for June 2023

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Introducing HoneyBook AI

We’re excited to announce two new AI features on your mobile app.

  • Priority leads: Our new ML model predicts booking probability and revenue, alerting you to high-potential inbound leads. Save time and increase your chances of conversion by prioritizing and responding promptly to these leads.

  • AI composer: Accelerate your lead response time with our generative AI tool. Acting as a personal writing assistant on your mobile phone, the AI composer automatically drafts personalized message responses to incoming leads from the contact form. You have the flexibility to edit the messages or send it as-is, ensuring swift and tailored replies.

Email deliverability

Our email deliverability task force has been working on new features to make email deliverability more accessible and accurate for you.

  • New email status indications: Easily track email open status for improved accuracy in understanding recipient engagement.

  • Improved activity feed notifications: Stay informed when emails are auto-sent on your behalf, whether they are configured based on your company preferences or they originate from the workspace.


Quickly assess the state of your business with the new and improved Reports page. Explore the new reports dashboard with its modern and intuitive UI, providing effortless navigation and visually engaging data visualization. Our backend advancements ensure accurate and up-to-date financial information, empowering you to make informed decisions confidently. You’ll also find six downloadable reports that you can discover right in your dashboard.

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