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Understanding priority lead insights
Understanding priority lead insights

How these insights work and how they can help you quickly qualify valuable leads

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It can be difficult to juggle new leads—but HoneyBook has you covered with priority lead insights. Using a variety of company- and industry-specific factors, these insights notify you about the leads that look especially promising for your company. You’ll have your top leads prioritized as they come in, allowing you to spend more energy on what’s most valuable to your business.

How do priority lead insights work?

HoneyBook’s priority lead insights employ a powerful, machine learning model that predicts booking likeliness and high revenue potential. In short: the model recognizes your most valuable leads and notifies you about them right away.

Whenever a lead comes in via HoneyBook contact form, you’ll receive a priority lead mobile push notification for any inquiry that the model determines is more likely to book and/or book a high-value project, compared to your company’s other leads. This notification will also appear in your notification center.

Not all priority leads are created equal. You might notice different emojis in your notifications, which indicates one of three priority lead types:

  • 🔥 Priority Lead = More likely to book

  • ✨ Priority Lead = More likely to book a high-value project

  • 👑 Priority Lead = More likely to book and book a high-value project

Do I need to set anything up to receive priority lead notifications?

Receiving priority lead notifications is easy. Just:

2. Download the HoneyBook mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

That’s it–from here, the model will work its magic and you can sit back and watch priority lead notifications roll in.


In order to give you the most accurate results, you’ll need to have received at least 20 inquiries via HoneyBook contact form to receive priority lead notifications.

What predictors does the model use?

To determine which leads are most valuable, the model takes into account various factors relative to your company, such as lead source, project type, project budget, and project date/time. Additionally, the model leverages historical data from your profile, including average project revenue, booked dates, and conversion rates, to enhance the notifications.

📚 Tip

Receiving a priority lead notification does not guarantee that the lead will book or book a higher value, but it does indicate that the lead is more likely to, for the majority of leads.

As your business grows and accumulates more historical data, this model continues to learn and improve. All information is kept strictly anonymous and confidential.

How should I use these notifications?

Since priority lead notifications inform you about leads that are more likely to book and/or book high-value projects, they help qualify your leads for you. And, they’re effective–priority leads are proven to be, on average, 2x more profitable than regular leads.

These notifications can help you quickly understand which inquiries you should respond to right away, because our predictive model shows they have a better chance of converting, or converting at a higher rate. Or both!

Why don’t I see priority lead notifications?

In order to give you the most accurate results, you’ll need to have received at least 20 inquiries via HoneyBook contact form to receive these notifications.

Still not seeing priority lead notifications? The model may not have determined that any leads are significantly more likely to book or book a higher value. So long as you use the HoneyBook contact form and have push notifications enabled, there’s nothing else you need to do—you’ll receive a priority lead notification as soon as one comes in.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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