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New and Improved: March 2023
New and Improved: March 2023

What's new at HoneyBook for March 2023

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New role type: Super Admin

We’ve been making some updates to the roles and settings of various users in HoneyBook, so that you can better manage your team. Specifically, we’ve introduced a new role with the title of Super Admin. Once you assign a super admin, they will have full access permissions on the company level, together with ability to edit and manage other projects. More hands on deck means more time to do what you love!

Email deliverability

Our engineers at HoneyBook have been working diligently to enhance our members' email experience. Effective client communication is vital for a successful clientflow, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve it. One area of focus is our email tracking system. We have recently made changes to improve the accuracy and description of our email receipt notifications. Additionally, we have removed the email read count from the workspace, as it could be misleading due to external email sensitivities. We’re working on additional improvements as well, and we’re looking forward to sharing those updates with you in the near future.

Additional Automations triggers: scheduled sessions

Earlier this year we released the ability to trigger a step in an Automation after a session is scheduled. This allowed for immediate follow up with a lead or client when they scheduled a meeting with you–like materials to prepare or a questionnaire they needed to fill out.

This month we’ve added two new highly requested triggers: when a session starts, and when a session ends. This means you can send communications or remind yourself of a task based around the timing of the actual session, not only at the time of scheduling the session.

Pricing and packaging

You may have seen that we’ve recently introduced new pricing plans to assist independents in identifying and selecting the most suitable plan for their needs. Our aim is to improve our pricing model to better serve the unique requirements of our members and potential customers, depending on their industry and company size.

As an existing member, you will continue to have access to all the same features under the plan you originally subscribed to. If you wish to change your membership plan, you can easily do so by selecting a new plan on your subscription page.

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