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Automating the booking process
Automating the booking process

How to send contracts and invoices to your clients through automations

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When it comes time to create and send contracts and invoices for each client, you might be thinking—can I just skip to the good part? With automations, you can send contracts and invoices to clients automatically at your trigger of choice, resulting in a totally hands-off booking experience. You’ll be able to gloss over the back-end work and spend more time doing what you love—all while getting booked in the process.


This article references automations, available for Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

Don’t know what an automation is? Learn more here.

To automate the booking process:

Before you get started: Make sure your templates are set up! You’ll be prompted to select existing templates for your automation steps.

1. First, create an automation and start building it out.

📚 Tip

You can add steps to your automation to cover any parts of your clientflow—from initial follow-up to booking to thank you, to anywhere in between.

2. At the appropriate point in your automation, add a step to send a smart file. Make sure that the smart template you select contains a contract and/or invoice.


If you select a smart template that contains a contract, the contract will send as-is in any project that the automation is applied to, at the appropriate trigger. The contract signee will be listed as the first participant in the project.

Once your file sends, you can always make project-specific edits if needed (such as: adding an additional contract signee), then publish the changes.

3. Select the email template that you'd like to go out with the smart file, then set the trigger for the step and if it requires your approval before sending.

4. Add more steps by clicking the plus (+) button, or click Save if you’re finished building out the automation.

5. When your automation is good to go, get started applying it to projects:

When the trigger hits and your booking smart file sends, your clients will be able to complete any necessary steps, then sign and/or pay, without any back-and-forth. You’ll be notified as soon as they book!

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