It can be difficult to juggle new leads—but the HoneyBook contact form has you covered. Using a variety of company- and industry-specific factors, the HoneyBook contact form can determine the leads that look especially promising for your company, and send you a notification right away. With these special “hot prospect,” “fantastic lead,” and “golden opportunity” notifications, you’ll be able to quickly qualify, follow-up, and spend more energy on what’s most valuable to your business.

PLEASE NOTE: This feature of the contact form is currently in Beta and available only to select users.

We’ll answer some frequently-asked questions about these notifications below:

How do the hot prospect & fantastic lead notifications work?

These notifications are an extension of your already-powerful HoneyBook contact form. Whenever a lead comes in via contact form, you’ll receive a special mobile push notification for any inquiry that’s a “hot prospect” (more likely to book), “fantastic lead” (more likely to book a high-value project), or “golden opportunity” (more likely to book and book a high-value project), compared to your company’s other leads. This notification will also appear in your notification center.

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll still receive notifications for all other leads!

  • Hot prospect = More likely to book

  • Fantastic lead = More likely to book a high-value project (book a higher value of goods/services)

  • Golden opportunity = More likely to book and book a high-value project

No need to turn anything on—as long as you use the HoneyBook contact form and are eligible for this feature, you’ll receive these notifications automatically.

What predictors does the contact form use?

To determine which leads are most valuable, this feature of the HoneyBook contact form takes into account the following factors, relative to your company:

  • Lead source

  • Project type

  • Project budget

  • Project date/time

  • …And more

PLEASE NOTE: Receiving a hot prospect, fantastic lead, or golden opportunity notification does not guarantee that the lead will book or book a higher value, but it does indicate that the lead is more likely to. This feature of the contact form has been proven to increase the revenue of members who use it as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that every single inquiry will actually book or book at a higher rate.

As your business grows and accumulates more historical data, this feature continues to learn and improve. All information is kept strictly anonymous and confidential.

How should I use these notifications?

Since the HoneyBook contact form notifies you about leads that are more likely to book and/or book high-value projects, it helps qualify your leads for you.

These push notifications can help you quickly understand which inquiries you should respond to right away, because our predictive model shows they have a better chance of converting, or converting at a higher rate. Or both!

Why don’t I see hot prospect & fantastic lead notifications?

This feature of the contact form is currently in Beta and available only to select users.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to give you the most accurate results, those in the Beta group will need at least one month of transaction history in HoneyBook to receive these notifications.

Want to learn more?

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