Smart files allow you to easily create and manage every part of your client experience from onboarding, to service selection, to contracting, invoicing, making payments, and more! They're the simplest way to create a seamless client experience and enhance your own business processes.

In each smart file, you'll have full control over everything from visuals and styling to the steps and automations you include, so you can always customize to suit your needs, your services, your brand, and your process. Whether you use them to create individual files or entire experiences, smart files will work smarter and harder for you.

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Your account look a little different? You might have a different version of files!

Smart files are still in beta, but they’re coming soon and offering more power and customization than ever. Join the waitlist to get access ASAP!

Smart files: the basics

Adding actions & content to smart files

Designing & managing smart files

Running your business

Transitioning from legacy files to smart files

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