Scheduling a meeting in your HoneyBook calendar is great, but you know what's even better? Starting that meeting from the same place!

If you have your Google account synced to your HoneyBook calendar, you can easily create session types that auto-generate a Google Meet link when someone uses them to schedule a meeting. Then, when it's time for the meeting, you can open it right through HoneyBook—no bouncing between tabs required.

To create a Google Meet meeting in HoneyBook:

1.  Make sure that you've synced your Google Calendar to your HoneyBook calendar.

2.  From your HoneyBook calendar, follow the steps to create a session type (or click Edit to adjust an existing session type).

3.  In the Session Type field, select Video.

4.  In the Video Type field that appears, select Google. No need to fill in a Google meeting link—that will generate automatically once a meeting is scheduled using this session type.

  • HoneyBook Tip: Have a different video platform you prefer? In the Video Type field, select Other instead! Then, you can enter the link for your video meeting platform of choice.

5.  Adjust all the other session type details as necessary, and click Save

Now, when you schedule that session type with leads or clients (or share the session link to have them schedule with you), a Google Meet link will generate automatically in the meeting that's created!

When you're ready to start the meeting, just click the event in your HoneyBook calendar, then click Join Video Call.

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