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How to share a session direct link
How to share a session direct link

How to share your your session links through HoneyBook—and beyond!—to get meetings scheduled fast

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This article covers sharing your session direct links—which you can copy and share through any channel you'd like. If you prefer to have clients schedule through your smart files or lead forms, you can—which will also allow you to combine multiple steps of your process together into single powerhouse documents (think: service selection, scheduling, payment, and more).

Find and copy a session direct link

  1. From any page, click the Tools menu > select Scheduler

    1. Here, you'll see any session types you've already created

  2. Locate the session type you'd like to share and click the link icon

This will copy the link to your clipboard, so you're ready to start sharing. If you'd like to preview your client's view of the session link before you share, just click the eye icon instead.

Share a session link through a project's activity feed

Sharing a session link through an email in a project's activity feed is a quick way to get a meeting set up with a client you've already started communicating with.

When you send a link this way, the meeting will automatically be associated with this specific project, and your client will be able to skip the step of entering their contact information when scheduling (since you'll already have that in the project). ​

  1. Navigate to the project in which you'd like to share a session link. You can:

    1. Search for a specific project via the search icon

    2. Or, select the Projects tab to review your full list of projects

  2. Once in the project, make sure you're in the Activity tab

  3. To add a session link to your message, click the insert session link icon

  4. Select the session type you'd like to share

  5. Add the display text that will direct to your session link

  6. Click Insert

  7. Send your email when you're ready

When your client clicks on the session direct link, here's what they'll experience.

Add a session link to an email template

  1. Follow the steps to create a new email template and add the language you need

  2. Place your cursor wherever you'd like to add your session link > click the insert link button in the formatting toolbar

  3. Enter your display text (the text that will be hyperlinked), and copy your session link into the link field

  4. Click Save

Now, you'll have the session link on-hand whenever you use this email template. When your client clicks on the session direct link, here's what they'll experience.

Other ideas for sharing your session direct links

  • Include a session direct link in your email signature, both inside of HoneyBook and out

  • Include a session link to schedule a intro call—a discovery call, a consult, etc.—directly on your website

  • Share your session link on your Facebook Business page, in your Instagram bio, or on other social channels for maximum visibility

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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