Sending messages through the activity feed

How to email your clients directly through HoneyBook

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In order to help you keep everything in one place, HoneyBook allows you to email your clients directly through the activity feed of a HoneyBook project (instead of needing to bounce between us and your email!). Emails you send through the activity feed will go to all participants associated with that particular workspace.

Prefer a video walkthrough? We got you. Check it out here.

Which account will send my email?

If you have your business email integrated with HoneyBook, any emails you send through a project's activity feed will appear to your clients as coming directly from your business email address! 

If you do not have the integration set up, however, not to worry: emails through the Activity Feed will still appear as coming from your business. The "from" email your client sees will simply be [email protected] instead.

Either way, any responses your client sends will still pull into the activity feed of the correct project, so all communication will be tracked regardless! Here's more on what emails show in HoneyBook.

To send a message through the activity feed:

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, navigate to the project in which you'd like to send an email.

  • You can search for a specific project via the search icon, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of projects.

2.  Select the Activity tab. 

3.  Click the Reply to/Send to field to open the email editor.

4.  From here, you can choose to either reply to the most recent email in the activity feed, which will keep the same subject line and create an email thread; or, you can select Start a New Message to create a new email thread. 

📚 Tip

For email threading functionality, make sure you have your email integration set up!

If you select Start a New Message and then change your mind, you can always click Reply to Last Message to return to the email thread!

5.  Now, enter your message! You can: 

  • Edit the subject line (if you’ve selected Start a New Message)

  • Insert an email template from the templates menu

  • Format your email to your liking

  • Insert a link

  • Add a dynamic field for the first client's first name

    • first client first name is the only dynamic field available for emails. The field will populate with the first client participant's first name after the message is sent.

  • Insert a session link

6.  Click Send when you're ready (or schedule the email to send at a later date).

a. Once a message is sent, you cannot unsend or delete it!

Now, your client and any other workspace participants will receive a notification letting them know that there's a new message in the feed. The messages will remain visible for the duration of the project, and can be viewed by any participants subsequently added to the workspace.

When your client responds, it will be visible in the project's activity feed as well.

📚 Tip

If you'd like to send a message to specific people on the project, rather than all participants, create a related workspace with just those people.

Need to reply to an email from the iOS or Android app? Check out this article instead.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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