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Why am I seeing different amounts in my Profit & Loss and Payments tabs?
Why am I seeing different amounts in my Profit & Loss and Payments tabs?

Understanding the calculations behind your Profit & Loss and Payments tabs in your Bookkeeping section

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Within your Bookkeeping tool in HoneyBook, you'll find your Payments tab, which provides an overview of outstanding, pending, and completed payments, as well as your Profit & Loss tab, where you can review your total income against your cost of goods sold and total expenses and calculate your net profit or loss.

The two sections calculate things slightly differently—see below for more info!

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This article references the Profit & Loss tool, available for HoneyBook’s Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

Payments tab 

In the Payments tab, you will see the actual amounts that will be transferred to your bank account. That being the case, any tax you associated with items will be included in the amount you see, while the transaction fees for card or ACH/bank transfer payments will have already been deducted. 

For a $100 ACH payment, for example, you'll see the amount of $98.50 as your deposit amount ($100 - 1.5%).

Profit & Loss tab

If you've added tax to any items or services for which you've received payments, the Profit & Loss tab will automatically deduct the tax in your Total Income and Gross Profit sections. The transaction fees associated with these payments, however, will not be accounted for in this tab.

That being the case, if you created a payment of $500 that had a 10% ($50) tax associated with it, your client will be paying the full $550, but you will see $500 in your Profit & Loss tab.

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