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How to manage your notification center
How to manage your notification center

Understanding your personal notification options and settings

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Notification options in your account keep you informed. You can receive notifications for incoming inquiries, client activity in files, new payments, upcoming to-dos, and more.

About the notification center

Your notification center is located under the bell icon next to your profile picture. It's a HoneyBook-specific hub for notifications available on desktop, mobile web, and the app, where you can receive notifications for new inquiries, payments, and more.

When a new notification comes in, the number badge on the bell icon will update to indicate how many unread notifications you have.

What notifications appear in the notification center

To receive alerts and a number badge for unread notifications, turn on these notifications. Turning off notifications will only affect alerts in the notification center and mobile push notifications. You will still receive email notifications for important events.

  • Lead inquiries: new inquiries coming through your lead sources

  • Project-related messages: client messages or document uploads

  • Activity in client files: files viewed or completed, contracts signed, services selected, questions submitted

  • New payments: payments that have been made

  • Referral program statuses: activity on referrals you've made

Customize what notifications appear in the notification center

  1. Select the bell icon > select the filter icon

  2. Toggle which notifications you want to receive in the notification center

  3. Select Done


Actions you can take in the notification center

If you’ve already responded to a feed message or countersigned a contract, that notification will automatically mark itself as read.

  • Mark all notifications as read at once

  • Mark an individual notification as read

  • Mark an individual notification as unread

  • Toggle between unread and all notifications

  • Select a notification to view the corresponding file, project, etc.


Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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