Calendly integration FAQ

Everything there is to know about integrating HoneyBook and Calendly

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Calendly is a scheduling tool that allows your clients to review your open calendar times and schedule a meeting with you in just a few clicks — and since it integrates with HoneyBook, it helps you supercharge your scheduling there, too. Ultimately, it saves you time, allowing you to provide superior customer service and increase bookings in the process.

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This article references Calendly integration, available for HoneyBook’s Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

Here’s how it works: simply share your custom Calendly link on your website, marketing materials, emails, etc.—or, of course, you can include it in any HoneyBook messages that you send.
With the integration in place, your Calendly availability automatically blocks out any event dates or meetings you already have, and your clients can easily select an available time to connect with you. Then, watch in wonder as all Calendly-booked meetings automatically appear in your HoneyBook Calendar.

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By December 31, 2022, Calendly will be updating their integrations. To make sure that your integration remains active, you will need to re-integrate with HoneyBook by following the steps outlined here.

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Calendly Integration FAQ

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Don't have a Calendly account but still want easy scheduling? No problem — HoneyBook's Scheduler tool can help!

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