If you are out and need to add a new Project on the fly (whether an Inquiry, or a more established Project), we've got you covered! You can quickly add a new Project right through your HoneyBook mobile app.

To add a new Inquiry or Project through the app:

1.  Open your HoneyBook app.

2.  Tap the Plus (+) icon.

3.  Tap Create Project.

4. Enter the Project details.

5. Tap Save when you're ready.

This will create a new Project for you, and automatically set it to the Inquiry Project Pipeline stage. You can adjust the Pipeline stage through the Project by tapping the 3-dot icon in the top right, then selecting Change Pipeline Stage.

Now, from within the Project, you can tap Send File or Message to shoot an email, Invoice, Brochure, or Questionnaire to your client via the mobile app. You can learn more about communicating through HoneyBook here.

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