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Troubleshooting notifications

Fix some common issues you might run into with your notifications.

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Here are some common issues you might run into with your notifications and how to fix them.

Not getting push notifications on your phone

If you aren't getting push notifications (the ones that appear on your lock screen), your app settings or your phone's notification settings might need to be updated.

Start with the HoneyBook app's notification settings. Learn how to manage your push notifications on mobile.

If your app's settings all look correct, check your phone's notification settings. Here's how to manage notifications for iOS devices and how to manage notifications on Android devices.

Not getting email notifications

If you aren't getting email notifications, the emails might be going to your Spam or Junk folders or you might need to update your email notification settings.

Start by checking your Spam and Junk folders in your email inbox. If you're seeing the email notifications here, move them into your regular inbox, then whitelist the email address that sent these email notifications. If you're noticing the issue still exists, add the email address that sends these email notifications to your email contacts list. Here are articles for adding contacts with Google, adding contacts with Yahoo, and adding contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

If the emails aren't in your Spam or Junk folders, check that your email notification settings will generate these emails. Learn how to manage email notifications.

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