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How to manage your email notifications
How to manage your email notifications

Get your email notifications sorted, and find out what email notifications you can get.

Updated this week

Customize your email notifications using the Preferences tab in your Company Settings.

Notification options

Tracking client-facing automated emails in the activity feed of your projects.

Notification location

Notification type

Email notification

An email containing a file hasn't been viewed by your client

Email notification

A file you've sent hasn't been booked (signed or paid) by your client

Email notification

You've drafted a file, but haven't sent it

Email notification

A week before a project

Pop-up notification in HoneyBook

A project you're creating conflicts with the date of an existing project

Customizing notifications

Select the pencil icon next to each notification to adjust the timeframe that will trigger the email notification to send.

  1. From the top nav menu, select your profile picture > select Company settings

  2. Select the Preferences tab

  3. In the Company Settings section, toggle what emails notifications you'll get

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