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How to record a service charge with HoneyBook and QuickBooks
How to record a service charge with HoneyBook and QuickBooks

Learn how to record service charges in HoneyBook and ensure they are properly reported in QuickBooks to save time and avoid tax confusion

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A service charge is a surcharge added as a percentage of the invoice total or as a nominal amount, which can be easily applied using a tax line on a HoneyBook invoice. Here is how to record a service charge in HoneyBook and ensure it is accurately reported in QuickBooks:

  1. Start by opening the invoice or invoice template to which you want to add the service charge

  2. Select the outline of the invoice block to open the settings sidebar

    1. You can also use the gear icon in the top-right corner of the invoice

  3. From the settings sidebar, select Add Tax

  4. In the description field, enter one of "SVC" or "Service Charge" (not both)

  5. Choose whether the fee will be a dollar amount or a percentage and enter the appropriate value to set the rate

  6. After setting the rate, apply the service charge to all relevant packages/items by checking the box under the tax column next to each package/item.

  7. Share the invoice for payment

πŸ“š Tip

Only use the description "SVC" or "Service Charge" as QuickBooks uses these keywords to identify that the charge is not a tax payable.

The invoice will sync to Quickbooks, and you will see the service charge appear as a line item in QuickBooks associated with the default Services product.

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