If you charge a sales tax through HoneyBook, you can link this with your tax rate in QuickBooks for ultimate syncing power. 

To make sure your tax rate is connected, you'll have to confirm that your tax rates are up to date in QuickBooks, then complete the process by selecting the appropriate option in HoneyBook.

To connect your HoneyBook tax rate to QuickBooks:

1.  From your QuickBooks Dashboard, select the Taxes tab in the left toolbar.

2.  If you do not have the appropriate rate already listed, enter a new rate or edit an existing rate. You should be able to find how-to information in the QuickBooks Help Center.

3.  Once you've made the rate you need available, head back to your HoneyBook Bookkeeping section and select the QuickBooks tab

4.  From the tax rate drop-down menu, select the appropriate rate.

QuickBooks Canada users, please note:

  • Any items with no tax on your HoneyBook invoice will automatically default to zero-rated tax when synced in QuickBooks.

  • Any items with tax on your HoneyBook invoice will automatically default to your default tax rate set in HoneyBook when synced in QuickBooks.

  • For any items with a different tax rate than your default tax rate (tax in a different province etc.), you will need to manually update that tax rate in QuickBooks.

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