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Adjusting your calendar colors
Adjusting your calendar colors

How to adjust the colors that appear for meetings, projects, and payments in the HoneyBook Calendar

Updated over a week ago

For the visual organizers and those who want a touch more customization, you can adjust your HoneyBook Calendar colors for meetings, projects, payments, and team member events.

To adjust your calendar colors:

1. Navigate to Tools > Calendar.

2. From the Calendars sidebar to the left of your screen, hover over the calendar type that you’d like to adjust the color of > click the pencil icon.

📣 Note

At this time, colors for only the following calendar types can be adjusted:

  • Booked Projects

  • Meetings

  • Payments

  • Tentative Projects

  • Team members

3. Use the picker to select a color, enter a hex code, or select a suggested color.

That’s it! Your HoneyBook Calendar will update to reflect the new color.

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