Connecting your Venmo account

Connect your business checking account to Venmo to transfer payments received in Venmo to HoneyBook Finance

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This article covers a feature that's included in an invite-only closed beta. If you're not a part of the beta, your finance suite will look different, and the help articles you'll want can be found here.

If you like using Venmo to receive payments, you can connect your account to HoneyBook Finance to keep all your funds in one place. You will need to manually verify your checking account with Venmo, so this process will take 1–3 business days.

You can learn how to manually add a bank account to Venmo from their help center, though you will need your HoneyBook Finance account’s routing number and account number. Read on to find out where you can retrieve these numbers.

Retrieve your routing and account numbers

1. Go to the Finance tab in the top navigation menu → select Dashboard.

2. Below your debit cards, you’ll find your routing and account numbers.

Store these numbers in a safe place, then follow Venmo’s instructions on manually adding a bank account. You currently cannot instantly verify your business checking account within Venmo; you must manually verify it.

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